Herbs have been around for centuries upon centuries. However, only in the recent decades have we begun to understand the healing powers behind herbs. And that is the reason why herbal remedies of kidney stones are one of the fastest growing alternative treatments.

According to Dr. Mercola, in his article Who Knew Preventing Kidney Stones Was this Easy, roughly 1 million Americans develop kidney stones each year and if you get them once, your chance of recurrence goes up about 70-80 percent. Genetics do increase your risk, but so does the fact that you are a man. Men have a risk four times greater than women. The region you live in also plays a part in your risk factor. The southeastern part of the United States is referred to as the “Kidney Stone Belt.” The Middle East is also a region where the risk is nearly double what they are in the United States, mainly due to the warmer climate, which indicates that chronic dehydration can also predispose you to kidney stones. The worst part is the rate of kidney stone occurrences are on the rise, even in children.

The reason why so many people find success with kidney stones and natural health remedies is because kidney stones are typically caused because the body is not getting enough water (dehydration). As the body deals with the stress of dehydration, many functions begin to run inefficiently. In the case of renal calculi, your body is not able to flush itself effectively. Resulting in calcium based kidney stones!

The kidney’s ability to excrete is affected by the formation of kidney stones. If the kidneys become impaired, excretion then poses a problem of retaining too much uric acid in the blood stream.

Some of the herbs included in making Kid clear capsules are strong antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory, these herbs prevent discomfort and pain when stone is broken down and its particles are flushed out of the body. All of these benefits strongly suggest that natural remedies for kidney stones really work as painless and holistic treatment.

Knowing all these kidney stone compositions can provide us with a better understanding on the type of diet we should choose, to prevent kidney stones from forming in our body.

Pain is normally rather severe should this happen and the pressure that the stone causes can add to this with increased risks of damage to the kidneys, infections within the area as well as bleeding.

As a result, most of the so-called “cures” taught in the Western-world books and courses are not Feng Shui at all, though they have been called by that name.